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Clean White | MOBILE & DESKTOP

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Nalu Presets

"Amazing Presets. You seriously can't go wrong with any of them. The hardest part is choosing!" - Sam B.

The bundle has more than 6 presets for any effect you’re trying to achieve! You will never have to struggle again with a long editing process for social media or for your business.


✔ This collection contains 6 presets (3 mobile and 3 desktop).

 Quick and easy to use one-click editing with the Free Lightroom Mobile Ap

✔ Save time. Quality edits on the go. Just upload the image on the phone, add preset and your photo is ready to be posted on Instagram.

✔ Detailed installation instructions included (Video & PDF

✔ 10 000+ Happy Customers. Instant Download. Compatible with iOS & Android.


You will have the opportunity to download the product(s) from the final purchase page as soon as you finish the payment, and you will also receive a download email with an instruction video on how to import the presets to your Lightroom program.


With just a single click, Lightroom Presets may instantly transform your photographs. They act as a potent tool to streamline photo editing, enabling you to produce amazing results quickly. You may consistently improve colors, lighting, and other elements across several photographs by applying a preset, which will save you time and increase your creative potential. Lightroom Presets are the ideal technique to realize your photographic vision because they provide countless options.

You will receive a brief manual to assist you in getting started after purchasing our presets. Even for children, it's a breeze!

1. Use your iPhone, Android, or digital camera to take a picture.

2. Utilize the Lightroom App to apply the preset to your photo.

3. Voilà! Give the world a look at your wonderful shot!

Need support? No matter your inquiry, don't be concerned—we've got you covered!

Over 1,000 Customer Reviews—words cannot express how appreciative we are!


Real Customers. Real Reviews. Beautiful Edits.